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Meet Michael & Daniel
Think Your Reality was founded by Michael and Daniel Simms in December of 2015. After years of working in corporate America and seeing countless people unhappy, unfulfilled, and unmotivated, they decided they needed to bring a change to the world. It started with personal development on an individual level; they both developed a formula for taking control of their own lives, for ensuring that their dreams were their focus rather than some thought that ends up sitting on the horizon forever. They developed a strategy for reaching their goals as quickly as possible.

And once they had made the change in their own lives, they knew they needed to bring it to other people's lives as well. Their efforts combined, they have worked with individuals, employees of fortune 500 companies, business owners, entrepreneurs, and people from all walks of life. Their strategy for overcoming obstacles and taking control of life is unmatched, and it has been bringing people closer to their goals since they began sharing it.



Think Your Reality

For thousands of years people have been rediscovering the “secret” to success, the “secret” to living the life most people dream about, the “secret” to getting everything you want in life. The greatest minds throughout history have written about it over and over again…the secret is easy to find if you’re looking for it.

Think Your Reality gives you the exact steps we used to take our lives from average to extraordinary, the steps we used to help our clients double their income, the same steps the most successful people throughout history have used to take control of their lives. Are you ready to think your reality?


How To Set And Achieve Goals

Goal setting is the #1 skill for success, performance, wealth, and happiness in life, and yet it's one thing that is very rarely taught. We go to school for years and no one ever teaches us how to set and achieve goals. Think about it...where would your life be if you knew that anything you desired was just a few steps away? Learn the steps that the most successful people in the world take to set and achieve their goals.

This handbook is stripped of all the'll get the steps you NEED and nothing else to get in your way. In this 45-minute read you'll learn everything you need to begin successfully setting and achieving your goals. Mastering your life, achieving your dreams, making your desires a's all just a few pages away.


Time Management

Have you ever wondered what separates the rich from the poor, the successful from the average, the people who live the lives most people dream about from the people dreaming about those lives? The answer is productivity. Successful people produce more results. It's as simple as that.

Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, but when you learn to triple your productivity you give yourself the same advantage that the wealthy and successful people in the world have. Give yourself the advantage...learn how to triple your productivity in 24 hours.


What's Your Problem? Troubleshooting Your Life

Everyone lives with problems, right? Too much debt, not enough wealth, not enough happiness, a job you hate, a relationship that is unfulfilling, being overweight...ever stop to wonder why?

Most people never learn that their problems are SOLVABLE. What's Your Problem was created by a few college grads who discovered the secret formula for solving problems that has been used by the greatest problem solvers throughout history. Now YOU can use this amazing strategy to solve YOUR life problems.