Daily Motivation: Be Extraordinary


Why isn't success easy? Why can't things just work out my way? Why can't I get my big break? Why doesn't anyone seem to want to help me?

We come up with all kinds of excuses, right? We come up with excuses for why things aren't working out, why getting what we want in life just doesn't come easily. I'll tell you why: our concept of success is based on what is average. Don't believe me? Go to a third world country, tell them how you live your life, and watch their jaws hit the floor in amazement. Our concept of success is based on what is average.

Now look around you...look at the majority of the people around you and look at what they do every single day. See that? THAT is average. The reason most people live average lives is because it's easy to live an average life. Even people who could be extraordinary lead average lives because it's easy.

Now if you want to be average, go ahead. Every man and every woman has the right to be just as average as he or she wants to be. It's easy to compete with average people because what they do every day is easy. But if you want to be great, you have to cast aside average. You have to look average in the eye and say out loud with conviction, "I am beyond average, I am better than average, I am stronger than average. I do not compete with average because it's too easy. I compete with extraordinary. I give everything I have to compete with the extraordinary people in this world because that is what I want to be: extraordinary.


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