How To Become A Leader

          When people ask us how they can reach their goals, acquire the lifestyle they want, and succeed in making their dreams their reality, what they are really asking is, "how do I become a leader? In my field, in my family, in my own life?"

          A lot of the time people don't even realize what the right question is, which is why they never get their answer! If you want to be a success, be happy in life, earn more money, become closer with your family, inspire yourself and have to become a leader. There are three major things to remember in order to accomplish this:

1) Don't Be Average

Jerry Rice said, "Today I will do what others won't, so tomorrow I can accomplish what others can't." Powerful, right? See, most people settle for average...they do the same thing the masses do and expect different results. That's crazy. Your first step in becoming a leader needs to be separating yourself from what is considered average. You're an above average aim for average is selling yourself short.

You need to commit to doing more. Back when we were engulfed in corporate America, we were able to earn a 33% raise in TWO MONTHS, and the only way we did that was doing more than what was average, doing more than what was expected of us. Apply this single exercise of going above and beyond average to your life and instantly you rise above the masses. It's easy to get ahead in this world! Once you're up there, be a leader by setting the precedent for everyone else. Don't follow suit; set the pace.

2) Learn Where You Should Compete

This is probably the hardest step in becoming a leader in your field and your life. We are primed from a young age to compete with our peers: on tests, in sports, at work, everywhere. We'll tell you one of the biggest secrets in the world of personal development: competing with other people is worthless. It's too easy; too many people don't try hard enough.

Instead, learn to compete with yourself. When is the last time you gave 100%? I mean 100%...when you got to the point that if you pushed ANY more, you would've passed out or collapsed? Probably never. And you will never, because our 100% can be redefined constantly. This is your second step to becoming a leader in life: never let your 100% be defined by other people, but more importantly you should never let your 100% be defined by yourself. Once 100% is defined, you can't go past it. So keep redefining, keep doing more, keep improving.

3) Find Happiness And Passion

The last step is becoming something that others can look up to and get inspired by. Everyone wants to be happy, and everyone wants to have a job they're passionate about. What most people don't realize is that they can create happiness, and can be passionate about what they do. It seems like a small distinction to make, but it shifts the focus and responsibility onto the individual instead of outside sources.

If you want to be a leader, someone others can look up to, you have to learn how NOT to follow the pack...seems obvious, right? You can't be a leader if you're a follower. So, learn to love life; learn to love what you do. Be positive and passionate in everyday situations and you'll be amazed by how quickly other people enjoy being around your positive energy.

          Remember that leading other people requires strength: you have to be able to stand up and say, "I do not accept the world as it is handed to me, and neither should you. Let me show you how to go about creating your own life." That's what a leader does: uses their power and influence to positively impact other people. Learn how to control your actions, your mood, your thinking, and then inspire other people to do the same.


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