How To Deal With Negative Thoughts

          Humans, for whatever reason, tend to be drawn naturally to negative thoughts, circumstances, conversations, etc. One thing we've learned most readily in our years of research on motivation, psychology, and the subconscious mind is that negative thoughts can have just as much power as positive thoughts.

          This isn't a bad thing...we just need to learn how to control those negative thoughts and keep them from getting out of hand, as they so often do when they go unchecked. So when you inevitably have negative thoughts coming into your head, use these three techniques to quarantine, diminish, and destroy them.

1) Don't Hyper Focus

This is something we write about extensively in our book, Think Your Reality, because it affects everyone very powerfully and so many people never realize it. Hyper focusing is a term we coined and it refers to our tendency to focus so intently on one thought in the present and inflate it to make it larger than it actually is. If you've ever gotten angry at a red light, or about being late to work, or getting a ticket, you've experienced hyper-focusing.

The trick we use to reduce the effect of hyper-focusing is to think about whatever negative thought we have in terms of time. Okay, so you got a speeding ticket. It sucks, sure. Will this ticket still be on your mind in a week? Maybe, but probably not. How about a month? Definitely not. So if this one little thing won't even affect your life in a month, why let it ruin your day? Let the little things go; it makes you happier, calmer, and leaves room for you to address the bigger, more important things in your life.

2) Focus On The Positive Things Instead

This is probably one of the hardest things to do at first because our minds have clung so closely to negative thoughts for so long, and we've allowed them to. For that reason, though, this is also one of the most powerful steps you can take to getting into a positive mindset.'s simple. All you need to do is identify when a negative thought comes into your head (ex: "I can't do that, I'm just a...," or, "well, who would want ME to..."), and replace it with a positive one (ex: "I CAN do's possible. It may be difficult, but it's possible," or, "why wouldn't that person want me to...?"). It may be difficult to silence a negative thought, but it's much easier to replace it with a positive one.

3) Practice Looking For The Good Side

The third trick we use is neutralizing negative thoughts altogether. For every single thing in life there are two sides: a positive and a negative. Ultimately, we each choose which one gets our focus. What you need to do is practice looking for the good in things. You might get laid off, but at least you weren't fired, at least another employer will think you're a worthwhile employee. You might be in debt, but at least some bank thought you were worthy enough to lend money to. There's always a positive side of things.

Practicing finding the positive in everyday things will train your mind to do the same thing with ALL situations, and suddenly negative thoughts can't find a way into your head. Train your mind to focus on the positive rather than the will make a world of difference.

          Use these three tips and we can guarantee they will make a change in your life for the better. Negative thoughts so often dominate people's lives, and it's so important to realize that you can CHOOSE which thoughts get your attention and focus. That choice alone will create your life entirely: focus on the negative and you will live a negative life, focus on the positive and your life will be positive, happy, and fulfilling.


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